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St. Xavier’s High School Rampura Phul, CBSE School Bathinda

  • Every pupil must possess a copy of the school diary which must be brought to school diary and followed carefully.No pupil is allowed to tear out any page from the diary.Breach of this rule will be dealt with severely at the discretion of the principal even leading to dismissal.A duplicate diary will be issued on payment of a fine.
  • A pupil who is habitually or without uniform or does not bring text & exercise books, or neglects study or does not abide the school rules will be asked to leave the.A record of such breaches is maintained in the school.
  • Care must be taken with all the school property & no pupil should or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture,write or draw any thing on the wall or in any way damage belonging to others.Damage done even by accident should be reported ai once to the class-Teacher or to the principal.Any damaged done will be made good by the one who does it.Anyone who sees something damaged,should report the matter even if he/she does not know who has done it.No pupil should bring razor blades or any threatening instruments or crackers,water-pistpls,radios,mobiles etc. to school.
  • The school is not responsible for books,money,clothes & other articles that are lost.The pupil must look after their own things.It is not advisable for pupil to carry money or valuable articles to school.
  • Any pupil desiring to be exempted from P.T or games must produce a Doctor's certificate to the effects that he/she is physically unfit to take part there in.
  • Student should behave in refined manner wherever they go. They should always greet their teacher's elders & friend in a pleasant & audible tone of voice. Whenever they meet them in school or outside.
  • Student's should be careful not to throw papers etc. any where in the school premises.They should use the dust bin,specially provided for the purpose,especially during the tiffin period.
  • Irregular attendance,habitual idleness,disobedience or conduct injurious to the morel tone of the school justify dismissal.
  • ln case of accident in the school premises,the school authorities will administer first aid to the students,but cannot be held responsible foe such accidents.
  • All letters & correspondence addressed to pupils are subjects to the scrutiny of the to the principal.
  • Pupils joining the school excursion or participating in any school activity will do so entirely on the responsibility of the parents/guardian and at their own risk.They shall not swin or disobey during any school outing,camp etc.
  • A progress report card showing the conduct & application of the pupil & the result of the examination is issued after each test & examination in the interest of the children, parents are expected to pay careful attention to these and return them duly signed.
  • The foregoing rules do not curtail or limit the powers of the principal to take disciplinary action against the erring pupil.Any action so taken by the principal shall be non-justiciable & final and binding an all parties concerned.
  • The school Management is competent & authorised to add, alter,vary,modify or delete the foregoing rules, and to frame new rules & regulations with retrospective effects. This action/decision of the school management is final non-justiciable.
  • All students should be habitually clean & neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days. A student who is improperly dressed may not be permitted into the class room or may even be sent home.
  • All students must speak English in the school, failing which they are liable to be fined.
  • Cycles must be kept locked and must be only at the cycle stand. No vehicles should be drive in the school campus. While entering or leaving the school gate,one must walk instead of riding.
  • Those who go home by themselves should reach home straight without loitering on the way. Students are warned not to buy anything especially eatable from street vendors.The school canteen supplies the required eatables.
  • In the absence of the teacher in class-room,pupils are required to observe silence & obey the monitor of the class.
  • Students are not allowed to enter class room other then their own.
  • Pupils must come to school in neat and well pressed school uniform.Those coming in crumpled or stained uniform or unpolished shoes are liable to be sent back home or fined.
  • It is the duty of all the students to keep their class room & other places in and around the school, clean & in order, they should cultivate the habit of using the dustbin.
  • No pupil is allowed to write on the black-board unless asked to do so by the teacher.
  • Before leaving the class room student will pick up waste paper & any unwanted material from the floor & place it in the waste paper basket will leave desks & chairs in proper arrangement will put off lights & fans will be close the windows on general the room will be in a condition to be used again.