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St. Xavier’s High School Rampura Phul, CBSE School Bathinda

  • All the student should be present in allotted examinations rooms before the first bell.
  • As soon as they enter the examination room,silence must be observed till the end of the examination.
  • All-articles like books,bags,etc.should be kept outside the Examination hall. Make sure there are no papers on or inside your desk.
  • Each & every student must try his level best to maintain a peaceful & anxiety free atmosphere conducive to examination. Any student who does not respond to the instructions will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the school as given in this diary and as per the oral instructions given from time to time.
  • All student should bring the necessary stationary needed for the examination.
  • No student will be allowed to borrow or lend articles during examinations Names and Roll Nos. should be written on question paper immediately after receiving them. Nothing else should be written on the question paper.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to write their names on answer scripts.
  • If a pupil is caught using unfair means in any examination, he/she will not be allowed under any circumstances to appear in the remaining subjects.
  • While answering the paper, the following norms are to be remembered.
    • Read-the whole question paper at least once before you begin to answer.
    • Fill all the details on the answer sheet before starting the paper.
    • Write Question number correctly with blue ink.Under-line the important points with blue ink. After completion of each answer, draw a line with pencil.Do not use red or green ink for any purpose.
    • Students should cover their answer sheets with a long paper or with blank full sheet paper.
    • Don't use ball-point pen for any purpose(upto Std.X.).
    • Write Roll number,Class and section on each supplement as soon as you receive it.
    • For rough work a separate sheet can be used and this should be attached with answer papers later on. For maths rough work should be shown on the answer sheet itself. For this purpose margin should be drawn on the right side of the sheet.
    • Ask for supplement before you complete writing your answer on the last sheet with you to save time to write more on your answer sheet. completed answer sheet should not be kept inside the desk.
    • Students should tie the supplements immediately after the warning bell and then only continue writing. The answer sheets are to be properly numbered & tied together (page-wise not sheet wise).The total number of pages should be written on the front page.
    • If there is any doubt, student should arise their hands & ask the invigilator.Don't clarify any doubt by discussing them with your class mates/companions.
    • Make sure you read carefully the answers in order to ascertain the right answers to the question asked & to correct simple mistakes that crept in. Objective type section question papers, (answers written on the same) should be returned immediately after the stipulated time.
    • Students should check all the questions paper and satisfy themselves that they have answered all the required number of questions. In case they suspect the existence of any printing error(e.g.blank page) they should contact the invigilator.
    • Check carefully the question numbers, divisions, subdivisions. Read the instruction on the question paper again & counter check the written answer.