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St. Xavier’s High School Rampura Phul, CBSE School Bathinda

With the theme of "Every day is a fun day when we are with our friends", St. Xavier's Kindergarten organized FUN DAY on 25th and 26th May 2022 for Class L.KG and U.KG respectively. The event commenced with the welcome of tiny tots. The teachers welcomed the tiny tots with open arms and tied a colourful band on their wrists. The Kindergarten Block was decorated by the teachers with colourful balloons, flowers etc. The opening ceremony was presided over by Rev. Fathers along with the tiny tots by releasing the colourful balloons in the sky. Tiny tots were dressed up in colourful costumes and danced rhythmically on the tunes of catchy numbers and had fun while getting themselves clicked at the Selfie Corner. This icebreaking session included passing through the tunnel and bouncing experience on the trampoline. A game corner was set for the tiny tots where they enjoyed hurdles race and winners were appreciated by giving them prizes. During departure, the smiles on the students' faces were a proof of the grand success of the day and set the pace for the Kindergarten Block that every school day to be as joyful as the Fun Day.